Monday, July 31, 2006

Rest in peace David Gemmell

Bloody hell.
David Gemmel died yesterday.
Aged 53. Failed bypass surgery.
Life sucks. Out of all the people he had to die. He was plain THE BEST writer ever.
The only books I have read for the past 10 years were his works.
Like the excited child, I would save my pennies and pre-order his next book months before it came out, and then on the release day, I would wait in front of the bookshop to pick my copy.
He was always telling exactly the stories I wanted to read. No mistake.
Every time, I would take the day off work or call in sick and read the book in one single session. My wife and kids would leave me alone for a day, or for as long as it took. And after I finished with it, I felt great. He always gave me the glimpse of a world I would love to live in, and his heroes were kind of people I would love to have met in my life. They had flaws and conflicts within, were often very grey characters, but they somehow managed to stand up to a challenge and always managed to save the world or whatever it was that mattered, even if it cost them their lives.
When I tried to read others books, I thought that, even if I lived in one of those worlds, I would most likely be the insignificant peasant who gets killed on the first page of the book. But most of his heroes were loosers and insignificant characters to start with, so his stories gave me the hope.
And after I would read the book, I was happy and satisfied until his next book came out. The book I just read, I would give away as a gift, hoping that the next person would like it as much as I did.
Sadly, often it was not the case. I think I was picking the wrong people to give the book to. But fuck them. I don't care.
Now I feel as sad as if my family member died.
Also there's a void now. In his latest works he started writing the Troy trilogy and I thought it would be boring, because I could not give a shit about that story. First book from the series came out last year, and I had my doubts about it, but it was Gemmell's book so I bought it out of the habit. But he proved me wrong. He managed to find the angle of the story that sucked me in after 2 pages, and by the end of it, I was craving for more.
I heard he finished second book before he died, and that it's coming out in September.
Sadly, the story won't be finished.
And there will be one day every year when I will have nothing to do.
Shit, it's weird.
Anyhow, I do not believe in the afterlife much, I find the concept ridiculous, but if there is a journey after death, I wish him a nice trip.
Or if possible, it would be great if he could visit the lands and the heroes he wrote about in his afterlife.
Well, either way, David Gemmell, Rest in piece dude, and I will remember you once a year. Not much consolation there, but hey, that I can promise, and I know I will keep that promise.
Also, Israeli missile killed 60 innocent people. 37 kids.
Entire families erased.
Fucking great job guys.
But since those corpses were not Jewish or American, their lives were not worth jack shit. Too bad for them.


No sketches today.

Fuck it all.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

more roughness

Nothing really happened.
Nothing at all.
I am really really tired lately, and it does not seem to go away.
I think I need some break from work and I need to spend a week or 2 in some coma like state or something.
But anyway.
Here's another sketchy page.
Cheers. To me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More pirates

Thanks for replies and comments.
I never expected anyone to stop by, and it really feels nice when people actually lok and comment :)
Nothing new here.
Once the weekend is over, nothing happens at all. It's mostly go to work, back home and watch some crap on tv. 90+ chnnels of crap. Sport I never watch, Christian channel I never asked for, countless news channels talking shit, and the rest. Nothing new ever, they even do re-runs of Jay Lenno and Conan and that's ridiculous. I watched Chris Rock HBO specials so many times, they stopped being funny. And yet, evening after evening, I am so brainded I stare at the tube and watch anything.
I think I am burning out. I definately need some rest.
Here's more girl pirates.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some sketches

Continuing from my previous post.
Lifewise, nothing happens.
Wife had a birthday party with her girlfriends. She kicked me out of the house on Saturday eve, so they can relax and have fun in an all-woman atmosphere.
To be honest, I was happy to get kicked out, because those parties scare me.
Last time I made a mistake of hanging around for ten minutes after they got together, and someone grabbed my ass. I was pretty sure it was not my wife, and it made me feel dirty.
This time, I left before they got together. I went and had a drink in some local, half arsed pub place. That scared me too. I realized that my social skills have deteriorated greatly in the past few years.
I found it very difficult to talk with some gay Cuban salsa dancing midget.
When he showed out of nowhere and started talking about some crap I do not care about I found it hard to come up with meaningful replies, so the conversation went nowhere.
At first I thought he was walking around on his knees, then I realized he was really short.
He looked like a pint sized Al Pacino with eye make up. Dressed in black with massive gold chain around his neck. Told me he was all for the world piece and that his passport was in order.
The only reply I could come up with is that I should renew my passport because I think it expired last year. or was it the year before?...
After that, he kind of salsa'd away.
I left the place soon after because you can not smoke in there any more. I went to the cinema next door and saw the Pirates of the Caribbean. That scared me too. I was kind of pissed off that no one told me it was only half of the movie they were showing. They should only charge you half of the ticket for half the movie. Well, half the movie finished and I was wandering around with the friend until my wife called and told me it's safe to go back home. Party was over.
I went home and ate some cake at 1.30.
That's all.
On Sunday I had to sit through a videotape of the party. I wish I didn't have to. But then, if I did not watch it, the Gods of girl parties would be angry.
And that's it.
Here comes some sketches:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

More random stuff

Wow, Someone actually stopped by and had a look at my stuff.
And all the people who did are doing some really nice art themselves, and I trully enjoyed checking it out.
So, thank you guys I really appreciated your comments.
Nothing majorly interesting happened to me in the last few days. My stomach is feeling better, but it's really hard to keep a lid on a late night snacks. I stare at TV for too long every night, and I start getting hungry around midnight and that's not good. Herbal tea is working.
That's all healthwise.
By the way, I think I just saw an episode of a Daily Show with J. Stewart that held to my expectations. I've been watching it for weeks now, but so far I feel as if it failed to deliver up to my expectations. Stewart was commenting about current Izrael - Lebanon situaton, and his comments were a bit of a releif because I thought I was the only one who didn't get it yet.
I don't see how destroying the infrastructure of an entire country and killing innocent people or destroying their lives and ruining their futures brings back a kidnapped soldier.
But then they might havesome cunning plan and destroying a country and pushing its people decades back is just another piece of a puzzle that will birng us all another step closer to that eternal world peace we all crave.
Anyhow, politics makes my teeth hurt, and so does FOX news chanell.
So i tend to stay away.

Blah to it all.

Here's some more random art:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Introducing Mr Fiquette

A little character I don't know what to do with.
Well I actually do, I just don't have resources to do it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tales From The Old Country

Here's four page story about the life in the old place.
Written in very poor english. As it should be I guess...
Anyhow, it was heavily inspired by the works of Dubravko Matakovic, Croatian underground comic artist.

here it is:

Homage to Magnus

I've spent a lot of time today checking other artist's blogs all over the place. It was heaps of fun.
There's some really talented people out there doing some amazing and very inspiring stuff.
So I've added links to some of them.
Here's drawing I did some time ago, as a homage to Roberto Raviola (aka Magnus), great Italian artist whose comics I was consuming in an incredible quantities when I was a kid. I read his Alan Ford comics from my collection probably a hundred times each. I can still remember hilarious quotes from the most of them.
Anyhow, at the time, I did not know that he was catering to the adult market as well, and I was cheering with joy when I discovered his necron series :) :)
I tried to do his character in his style.

I think he died some time in 1990's. He was not very old, nearing sixty or something.
Ah yes, Toth died recently as well.
Shame all that.

Well, here it is:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

And all the rest of it.

That's all of it.
Now when I look at it, it does not make much sence. particularly if you read from top to bottom, which is more natural to me.
Well you should go a few posts down first, and start reading from page 1.
Here goes:

Flem rides some more

next 2 pages of Flem Noir:

Dimsdale und Kreozot

Eh, I skipped a day. Shift happens. But it's all good. Friday was hideous, I had pain in my abdomen and ribs for the whole day, and by the end of it, I was gasping for breath at the time I went to bed. I loaded myself with some painkillers and also with many herbs that supposedly help with digestive problems.
See, a few months ago I wandered into this health food shop, I was really bored, and I saw a big shelf with them herbal teas and stuff. I was reasonably broke at the time, and I could not find any use for such remedies so I decided not to buy any but I continued to browse store's secrets regardless.
As I was checking the shelves, I discovered many things, amongst them a booklet telling you what kind of herbs help with different illnesses. I was amused by the recipe in there that claimed to help people with cancer, and I thought how this piece of information might be useful at some time in the future when I may get cancer. I visualized myself (if such thing occurred) making a pot of this amazing herbal tea and sitting in front of a kemotherapy clinic, casually sipping my healing potion and laughing at people getting into the clinic to get their daily dose of all- killing radiation.
So I went into a great trouble to hide the booklet in my underwear and smuggle it out of the store.
I also wandered how there's not more people with such illness stealing this booklet and using it's secrets to cure themselves.
On the exit, I was confronted by a shop assistant who told me she saw me shove the booklet down my pants and explained to me that it was free anyhow.
She did confiscate a bottle of Swedish bitters and a small can of flaxseed oil she found under my armpits though and threatened to call the mall security.
Lucky for me, that was a slow day for the store, and she was taken a bit by my rugged handsomeness so, after some begging and pleading, she let me go after I purchased some organic fruit bars they had on sale at the time.
AAAnyhow, where was I?
Ah yeah, the booklet.
I guess it's true that when you are in pain, and your Doctor just shrugs his shoulders or offers a massive surgery to slightly improve on a a tiny problem, you start believing in stuff you never believed before, and you decide to try things you would not otherwise.
So I checked the booklet and got me some herbs it recommended for my condition.
Well, I can tell you, it's slowly working.
Saturday I felt better than Friday, and today I feel better than yesterday, so I reckon I will consult that booklet from time to time in the future.
Anyhow, All this to tell you that today I felt sufficiently better, and for the first time in a long time, I felt inspired to pick my pencil and do some sketching. It felt good.
here's 2 sketches done for the little project I am doing with my friend Ross MacRae. It's a little independent PC game called Tito the Bouncing Alien.
They are not much, but I kind of like them because (due to the low batteries) I have not done anything like this in a long time.
They did not take me long to do, possibly about 15-20 minutes each.
Anyhow, I also realized that remaining pages of Flem Noir sit on my work PC so I will continue to post those from tomorrow.

He he, I wander if anyone ever is going to read this crap.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Adventures of Flem Noir: Maltesers falcon

Written by Brad Daniels, based on character originaly designed by Mike Mungus.

Drawn six years ago.

I will upload next 2 pages tomorrow. There's 7 pages in total.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evils of Barium

Yes, it's the evening after. My stomach was ok. That white milk thing was hideous.
I'm glad it's over.
Let's never ever mention it again.
Here's sketch of a spacebeast. They are those mythical sci fi creatures that always get cut first out of any game I ever worked on.
This drawing is based on an initial concept done by my friend, great artist and hopeless romantic, Lachlan Creagh.
Cheers to him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One of those days

I have to do some x-ray thing tomorrow. It involves swallowing something called barium milk.
Not looking forward to it. Don't even know why I have to do it.
I think that's what happens when hypochondriac pushes his hypochondria too far.
See, I had this flu thing for quite a while. And I coughed a lot. The fact that I smoke pack of Styvesants a day doesn't help either.
Anyhow. In the past week, I got this sharp pain in the area of my stomach. It happens immediately after I wake up, if I try to inhale deeply. Feels as if I get stabbed by the knife in my stomach or something.
It freaked me out, and I went and saw a doctor. Well 55 bucks later I ended up with a letter sending me to the stupid x-ray thing.
The pain has almost disappeared, but I am stuck with this appointment.
I found out today it's most likely an overstretched muscle from all the coughing while I had a flu.
And possibly has something to do with me eating a dinner, followed with a whole slab of chocolate, four mandarins and about half a kilo of grapes the night before, and then going to bed.
Euh, anyway, I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
Problem is, I must not eat, drink or smoke anythig for eight hours prior to the x-ray.
Eight hour count-down starts at 1 AM tonight. Even though I am usually asleep just about at that time, I am now freaking out.
What if I wake up at 3, and feel like having a glass of water?
Well, I can't have any.
already, I see al sorts of inconvenience arising from this strictness.
Ah well. Too much talk for one day. Here comes art:

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey, it works!

Since it does, I will keep on plowing. I have to catch up.
36 years of frustration and impotent, untalented attempts, all unleashed here,
for noone to see.
Here's little comic I did ages ago, trying to teach less talented such as myself how to draw that art piece they always wanted to do. If it helps one little kid out there, I've done my job :)

By the way, I wander, if I write my will here, would it count as a legal document?

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Tenth of July 2006.
Testing this technology thing. If I figure out how to use it, my life will be much more fun...
I hope.
I will mostly post my art here and possibly some thoughts, but art should work a bit better.
Anyhow, for both people who might visit this spot one day (one of them might very likely be me),welcome and enjoy.

Ferdinand Kreozot

Oh yeah, I will include a piece of art, just to see if I can figure out how to do it.