Monday, August 28, 2006

Magnus::Necron homage2

Another ink and a few sketches in honour of the great artist.
I found them today. Might be a bit explicite if you care about that stuff and all.
My holliday went by without hickups I had some rest and feel a bit more inspired to go back to work. Should be fun.



Friday, August 25, 2006

Birthday gift

Quick sketch with me and my friend.
Riverdancing on some flowerbeds.
Disobeying clearly stated rules, as we used to do.

Happy birthday!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bugs everywhere!!!

I do not like so called Car-toons much, and I try not to do any of them, unless I really have to. But a friend of mine publishes this VW magazine, and every now and then asks me to do bits and pieces for him.
I can't say no, so I always end up doing what he asks for.
Since I do not enjoy doing it much, I feel disadvantaged and end results are usually stiff and not too good.
here's some bits of stuff I did for him this week, to prove my point.
I had to post something, and hope it will do.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fairies from my past

See, sometimes I stumble accross things that bring back memories of the old country, and of some really rare and really good people I still know there.
So here goes:
Months late, but better now than never.
Samir, Happy birthday to you, you clumsy git.
I am sorry I forgot. Life sucks.
Also, to my brother, who's on his way to work in Afganistan, I hope all goes well, your skin remains intact and your wit as clear as ever. Looking forward to seeing you both next year. So hang in there and make sure you last untill then.
And a sketch of some fairies who made me remember the old place :)

Nowdays I like it rough!

And if that was not scary enough, her comes another one of those "N" words: NSFW !
I saw other people put this word in, and it's usually accompanied by some pics depicting barely dressed people making their private parts public.
I almost said pubic, but I hate puns. I get them, but don't get why they're funny.
Anyhow, in my pic, there's a humanoid horse exposing his erect thingy (in this case, it's all in servise of an artistic expression, and there's nothing unhigienic about it).

So, beware.

I am on my annual leave, had a few good night sleeps, and they screwed me up. I totally could not sleep last night, so I missed entire night's sleep now.
Hope to catch up tonihgt.
This is a first bunch of sketches so far still fresh under the whatever drawing device I had handy.
I hope you enjoy, both of you.
Ps. I realised I get about 30 visits daily. At first I was really happy about it, but then I realised most of those visits is me, checking if I had any visits :).
What a looser.
Anyhow: to the sketches!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

More of how-to no-one asked for

If you ever decide to publish your own magazine, this one might help.
It's not much, and possibly fairly boring.
It's continuation of my how -to series, I started in the second post on my blog.
It's supposed to be funny, but I am not sure it is.
For some reason, bloody blog decided not to display full size images. Piece of crap.
If it stays like this, I will try again tomorrow.
Well, it turns out it was me all along. Someone should have built an asylum for retarded artists and give me a room there.
For all of those who didn't know, apparently apostrophy breaks the html string and image can not be displayed. So it's not blog, it's Milenko.
Cheers to all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mercenary Work

Thanks for the incredibly nice comments and thanks to whoever linked to my blog. You are all too kind. I have collected and will post some really cool links soon, when I get some time to do it.
I find soo much great work all over this blog world, that makes me feel inferior and unworthy.
I know I will not reach that star ever, but I can't bring myself to stop trying.
I am grateful for every good artist out there, because their art brings so much joy to my life. Sometimes I am jealous of their skill, but the pleasure of seeing those beautiful lines makes jealousy melt away quick :)
Anyhow, before I post some work, there's just one question I would like to ask anyone who is reading this fluff I am typing here:
Has anyone heard of a Venezuelan artist Hermann Mejia?
I would love to pass my compliments about his work. He is one of the most amazing living artists whose works I have seen. If anyone knows of a website of his, or any other way of seeing his work, it would be greatly appreciated. I am sick and tired of buying MAD magazines just because of two pages of his work inside them. But if that's the only way to own a piece of his art, so be it :)
Anyhow, now back to art.
Mercenary work- we all have to do it for living.
here's 2 of many thousand pieces I had to do in my career so far. Whatever the copyright claims for these are, I respect them, I am posting them here because they were drawn with my hand for the purpose of earning some money.
They are not much anyway.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Captain Thunderstorm

Captain Thunderstorm was inspired by an old cartoon called Centurions. Protagonists of that one had these rockets and gadgets which would be beamed to them from a satellite orbiting earth, by their commander or whatever- a woman who had disturbing relationship with a chimp, or at least that's what it looked like to me. I was watching it with my kids about five years ago, and I thought how funny it would be if the bits beamed down would not materialize in the right spot with all the tech malfunctions and stuff and if the person got stuck and mangled inside the armor.
With Thunderstorm, I wanted him to be really arrogant and cocky, basically a gun crazy idiot.
He labels anyone he doesn't like a terrorist or the enemy. And does his best to blow the crap out of them.
And then Futurama came out, and Zap Brannigan was exactly what I wanted Thunderstorm to be. For my consolation, I have a drawing of thunderstorm that got published 7 years ago, before the Futurama came out, just to prove that I did not steal from them.
here's original image followed by the one I did recently, where he hits on a pregnant mom with a baby in the stroller:) I did the latter one because I did not know any better.
It's not the sweetest of my work, but hey, everyone has ups and downs :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last of Fiquette for now

Thanks to all of the people visiting.
I was ridiculously busy over the weekend and only now had some time to to check out all the stuff.
Thanks for all the polite comments. In my own eyes, my work is ok, but I have a long way to go to get where I want to be. And if I was my own critic I would call it half assed and barely decent.
But I still believe I will get somewhere one day.
I picked up the pencil at the age of 21, never had anyone to teach me anything and now, 15 years later I feel a little old but still have the urge to keep on pushing.
But enough winging.

Well, I kept on working on a little guy...
He is supposed to be a silent little villain coming up with all the crazy gadgets, always loaded with his own inventions.
Some are depicted here, in these quick little sketch:

Also here's one of his two loyal but not very bright minions.
*Notice the cranks in soles of Fiquette's shoes connected to the cranking mechanism underneath his armpits :)*

And finally, I always thought it would be funny if his head was filling in all of the inside of his top hat :) . Since his arms are too short, he would have one of his goons take his hat off. I thought it would be funny if he slid out of his hat in the way jello slides out of the cup, maybe even making a bit of a slurching noise as he does.



Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nellie and the aliens

Two not too recent drawings.
Nellie is a malfunctioning pleasure droid. Originaly, she was brought to a foreign planet as a companion of professor Coalsky, researcher of strange alien fauna. Due to a high levels of the humidity on the planet, she flipped out, and instead of providing some pleasure for the professor, she started dancing to a weird tune comming out of her head.
Local alien species found it hugely entertaining, and she got quite a following amongst the little critters.
I have a few more sketches which I never got to clean up, but I will one day soon, and the story will be explained better then :)



Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nene gift, and introducing Wilbur

Ok this one was done a few years ago as a gift for a friend I've never met, from

Wilbur is the lamest, most anti-climactic and poorly coloured comic strip I've ever done (or have seen anyone do).
Wilbour fails at everything he does, and if he was in a contest for biggest failure, he would fail that one too.
No one ever liked the character or the humor, but there was 1/6 of a page to fill in, in a little newsletter my boss was publishing at the time, and this comic (well, together with the rest of my contributions there) was definately dragging the quality of the rest a few notches down.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Destroy All Humans!

That's what I've been doing for living for the past 10 years.
First it was character designs for animated series, and then I moved to the games.
I've spent last 6 years concepting and 3D modelling.
Some days it's better than the others, but over all it's still ok work.
Last 3-4 years I've spent working at Pandemic. Modelling, texturing and concepting.
It's unfortunate that you never get enough time to develop the characters properly.
And there's trends. Everyone loves trends, and if you do not keep up, your work becomes "old school" very quickly.
And no one wants the old school designs.
Anyhow, at the moment, we are wrapping up DAH2 game, and I am patiently waiting for my annual leave to kick in, so I can crash and sleep for a week.
In anticipation of such times, here's some DAH! sketch I did some time ago.
Not as an official piece, but for fun.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Little vilain in 3D

Here's some quick renders of the unfinished 3D model of him.
Nothing special, I still have to tweak few things, and also, there's no texture on this one at all.