Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Eh, where to start...
Not much happened on the surface, but the time is flying fast, and my vacation trip is getting closer.
I have an extra family living with us and I have been sick.
I hope it was some fucking flu and not something more serious, but whatever it was, it sure scared the shit out of me, as some weirdness started happening within my body. I still have the aftershocks (I hope that's what they are)
I do not even know what I was scared of. Death maybe, but I am not sure I fear death. If it is anything like sleeping, I should definitely have fun being dead, once that fucker comes around.
Actually, I have very fond memories of the time before I was born. By fond, I mean none whatsoever. And that is great.
I think that when I am sick and I fear, I fear the most not being around my kids as they grow up and helping them get there and grab firm hold on life.
I usually do it by discouraging them and ignoring their achievements.
All I want them to do is be healthy and happy and grow up and become decent human beings. The rest will come.
I hate parents who brag about and talk their kids up, because by doing that they raise MY expectations of their kids.
If they say their kid is a math wiz, don't give me that two plus seven is nine. If they say their kid is an awesome artist, put your fucking money where your mouth is and don't pull out that crayon stick man shit.
All kids can do that, so there's nothing special about it.
If you want to prove to me that your kids are special, make sure they can walk through a Chinese wall, perform quadruple bypass or bend spoons or something, otherwise you're wasting my time.
If they make statue of liberty disappear and then re-appear a few minutes later, I will be impressed.
Fucking David Copperfield ruined my childhood.
Also, I hate parents who have a favorite kid. What's the fucking deal with that?
Screwing your kids mentally like that is not cool.
Aaanyhow, got carried away... sorry.
Another thing I fear is that, if I die, my wife will re-marry, and some hairy fuck will take over my house, roll in my bed, and wipe his arse with my favorite books.
That would piss me off.
Talking about the things that piss me off, here's one:
"Dear mr President"
What the fuck!
Each morning and evening on my drive to work and back I am tortured by that fucking song. And Shardlow and Brad (guys from work I drive with every day) are taking the piss out of me because I flip out and start cursing each time I hear it.
Don't get me wrong, I am no big fan of Dubya, but
If you want to write a song about a president you do not like, do a bit of a fucking research.
She should have Googled his name and had a read for a few minutes, she would get better material.
The way it is, bloody song is stupid, it sounds like something written by pathetic, overly emotional 12 year old girl who wants to solve world's hunger in 2 days.
"let's pretend're no better than me" that implies that he actually IS better, which is fucking stupid.
"How can you sleep when the rest of us cry" who the fuck cries? I don't. I also know many people, they don't cry. One couple I know does have a small child who cries, but I am not convinced Dubya is responsible.
"You don't know nothin' 'bout the hard work" well, neither does Pink. Getting hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few hours of work is not exactly where the most people fit.
The rest of the lines about gay daughter and first lady and stuff are crap as well.
Soo, I hope this one goes away quickly, and Pink goes back to getting the party started.
Let John Stewart take the piss out of the president. And Dixie chicks. They do it better.
Well it's 2 Am and I got carried away, so here's art and I will continue about Shardlow, Brad and another family living with us some other time.
This time:
I did some silly Judge Dredd spoof, not sure if it's any good, as I was really tired while I was doing it. Did not use any reference, I did look at some Dredd comics last week though.
There's also a bunch of life drawing I did 2 weeks ago, all on that page were quick 2 and 3 minute poses, all of it done in 45 minutes.
The rest below is old stuff I felt like posting. Don't know why.

Cheers to all,


Sunday, July 15, 2007


And so goes another week.
I had to do some commission work that turned ugly, I might be able to show it soon, just to embarrass myself.
I also had to help my son with his school project, that did not turn too well either.
And I did this sketch.
it's not much but I like it a bit.
Cheers to all,


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Evils of PornographY...

Being exposed to that stuff is definitely not healthy, so boys and girls make sure you stay away from it's evil claws.
Well known fact is that it causes mental illness, and many affected loose their eyesight, grow an extra finger or get covered in festering sores.
Even worse cases have been documented in the recent history, involving but not limited to kids poking their eyes out with their genitals, getting permanent burn scars from their contact with evil materials and in less common cases, growing little vaginas all over their bodies...

World is fuckin' crazy, that's all I have to say.
Anyhow, on Saturday eve I was bored and was flipping through old folders on my old PC and I happened to have sketchbook handy.
One shitty PS job later, and I have some stuff to grant me another post on this blog thingy.

Cheers to you all


Monday, July 02, 2007

Long time no see... :)And some girlie sketches update

Yeah, it's been a while.
I have no excuse for not posting something, other than "I did not feel like it"...
We have some things at work called "sprints", three week bursts of work, and they are great, except they squeeze all the juice out of ya, so when I get home, I do not feel like doing much more than photosynthesizing.
I saw another season of Reno 911 and a few dodgy movies, and that's about all.
On Saturday I saw "Transformers".
Child in me liked some of it, and the adult hated the lot.
I thought designs were too complicated, and I liked trailer much more than I did the movie.
I did not get the ending at all, maybe it was reeealy stupid, in which case I do not regret not getting it.
I did like the bit at the end where the boy and the chick were making out on top of a "Bumble Bee" transformer, and my filthy mind almost saw bumblebee transforming into a giant dildo. If a chick that hot was making out on top of me, I would definitely transform into a giant dildo.
Also, Optimus Prime and the gang were perving all that time standing but a few meters away from the coupling couple. That was cool.
Point of the exercise being, I ate the whole bucket of popcorn, and my lips were numb for two days from all the salt.
Other than that, I am getting ready for my trip to the old country, it's about month and a half away. In the end it turned into a family adventure, another one of those which I can not afford, but fuck it. As long as the bank is willing to loan me some cash, I am willing to take it.
At the end of my European adventures, I should also have a shiny new golden tooth, which I plan on inserting into my jaw as a momentum of my trip.
Try to get that one, debit collectors, once I come back and declare bankruptcy.
And as the repo man is scouting remains of my home, desperately trying to find anything of value to recover my debit, I will laugh at him with my brand new set of mouth jewelry.
Fuck you, repo man.
Aaanyhow, since all this doesn't make any sense to any of you, here's all the art I managed to slap together in about hour or 2 tonight.
I am well aware it's shit and no one will like it, but hey, this is my blog, and I can post any crap I want.

Anyhow, cheers to you all, and next time I promise something nice.

Cheers to all,