Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Oh Man!
I said it before, on many occasions, but it can not be stressed enough: LIFE SUCKS.

Monday, September 24, 2007

$ 20.000 later

Well, I'm back.
Holiday was fun.
I did some sketches and took some photos.
Meeting the family and friends was awesome experience and I truly enjoyed it.
We visited families, walked the old streets and even managed to spend a wek on a holiday within the holiday. It was sweet.
I went to Zagreb and met with Goran S., and he sure was an awesome host for a few hours we spent together.
On our way back, I spent some time with Ivan S. aka Rich Uncle and Sasha Arsenic. They were awesome too.
All in all, I spent some quality time with some quality people over there.
My brother was cool too. Hope to have him for a visit over here soon.
Anyhow, Now I am back and trying to get used to this thing called work, get over the jet lag and back to drawing again.
I am sorting through my sketches and here's a first few offerings, done on the beach and on the plane on my way back.
I am still sorting my memories and thoughts, and there's also heaps of stuff here to catch on.
So I will start bringing those up as they come clear to me.
To whoever was visiting here while I was away,
Thanks guys.