Sunday, June 15, 2008


Anyhow, just to get this blog here moving :)
A lot of stuff happened.
My brother went back to the old country.
I feel sad and I miss having him around, but we've spent awesome three months together.
Tomorrow is a week since he left, and the house feels kindof empty without him around.
I hope to see him again some time soon too.
My uncle Bozo (pronounced Bozho) has departed this world on the same day my brother arrived back to the old country.
Hi lived happy 85 years. He was not the brightest of the lights, and all of his life he was living with my family, my mom and dad looking after him.
May he now rest in peace.
At work, a dear friend left the company and I am going to miss seeing him around and having those nice "us old school people" chats with him.
And I am also going to miss the ping pong sessions we had, which gave me a perfect excuse to curse on top of my lungs in the middle of my workplace without getting bitchslapped by HR for it.
People currently running the show at the company must be on top of their game if they could afford to push someone like him off the cliff. But such is the nature of the industry.
And I am getting too old to even whinge.
Anyhow, I will keep on catching up with him and we will just have to move our socializing and table tennis games to the outside of work events.
Euh, what else?
Ah yes, the "Speed Racer".
I went to see it on Friday, all geared up to laugh at it, and to take the piss out of those Wachowski dudes (or a dude and a chick, I am not sure if one of them ever got that sex change), but it was not to be.
It is rare nowadays for a movie to flick any subliminal switches in my head, I saw quite a few half arsed attempts at cinematography in the past months, but the speed racer had an awesome aftertaste. I can not quite put my finger on what was so good about it.( I rarely attempted to watch the original cartoons , and even when I did, I would depart half way through the episode to get myself a biscuit or something, only to wander away and never return to watch the rest of it). All I know is it was a nice movie, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, so good on ya you Wachowsky dudes.
Trying to limit my ranting nowadays, it's best to bottle your frustration and rage deep inside, and spend the rest of my life trying to squash it like a bug, or if not, then at least let it all out at the appropriate time.
Departing now with a few recent sketches, and a promise to visit this here blog myself more often :)

Cheers to all the people still stopping by,

Kind regards,