Friday, November 21, 2008

Tales from the old Country_partX

A little sketch I did for a friend journalist, who's still in the old country.
Another ugly one.
It comments on a regional politicians' decision to cancel a social security payment amounting to $33 per month for children whose both parents are unemployed and who have no other income to support themselves.
What makes it disgusting is the fact that those same politicians receive ten times that amount every month as their "meal allowance" on top of all the wages, perks and benefits they have granted to their own little clique.
What an infuriating bunch of cock-heads and ass-hats*
But then, those have always been in a plentiful supply throughout the world.
Anyhow, The sketch found it's way to the old country, got printed on leaflets and got unleashed on an unsuspecting street wandering citizenship.
I hope that it at least annoys above mentioned ass-hats disguised as politicians, because I know it has no chance to awake their sense of shame or decency, the absence of which is a number one requirement to become a politician.
And next post will be naked ladies again, I promise :)


*(this last one I borrowed from the dictionary of my friend LFW and promised to use it wisely, but I can tell you, I am finding perfect uses for it on a daily basis).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When in doubt, ask yourself...

What would Ron Jeremy do?
Well, he would probably whoop out his decently sized piece of man-meat and, you know, do his bit to help put Mr Kleenex's kids through the college, do the Heimlich on the colonel...
Or, if there's some Eurotrash wench at hand, he would just enlist her services to the same end.
Until the payday arrives.
I'm pretty sure that was his solution for everything.
And a pretty good one at that, no doubt.

I just felt stupid, so I did this post.
It stopped being fun half way through, and I think it shows.
Soo, I am done with pornographic depictions of tugjobs for now, and will move on to the much safer side, doing girly drawings and other sketchy stuff.
I hope I did not scare too many people away with these posts, and I swear they were nowhere near as much fun as I thought they should be.
If I did scare some people away, I deeply regret it and wholeheartedly promise to do better in the future, and to stay the path.
I admit, I was a porn addict once, but I got on the wagon and I got it straight, but then again, it is a rocky wagon ride and every now and then a foot slips off, and then crap like this happens.

Cheers to anyone visiting,



Monday, November 03, 2008

Filth in the system biig NSFW

Apologies to the more prudish visitors of this here place (just in case someone actually still visits, but they are prude).
If there are such visitors, I would recommend they stay away from here for the next month or so.
I have a lot of pent up filth in my system, so some harsh words could be said here, and some rude images posted below the words.

So the final warning, if you are giddy either politically or pornographically, close that browser window right now.

Talking about the way to destroy reputation, hey.
But, in order to do that, one should have some reputation to start with.

Anyhow, revised my post for the first time since I started this blog.
I read it today, and I felt offended by my own words.
Election circus will be over by the time I wake up anyhow, and we will have a new dude leading the world of free.
Good on him.
Anyhow, tonight I realized how much good and free stuff can be found in a trash container behind local woolworths, so guess all where will Milenko be shopping if he loses his job.

Thanks for visiting, and whoever I did not piss off with this post, welcome back for the next one.