Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting old sucks!

At leas I hope it is "getting old" thing and not some fucked up disease.
I went to bed last night, tired and grateful that the time of rest has arrived, only to be woken up around 2 AM by weird strong pain in my left shoulder.
Long story short, I had to take a sick day at work, and my shoulder is still quite sore, but manageable.
All I could relate it to is moving some boxes in a garage on Sunday.
What the fuck happened to the days when I was unloading a truckload of cement bags all day long at my uncle's place for 50 bucks, smoking and drinking beer while doing it, partying whole night afterward and waking up the next morning cheerful and ready for new adventures.
Fuck, getting old sucks. And the office work does not do me any favors.
I am unfit as an unfit can be.
But anyhow, such is life.
This evening, I started feeling like shit so I sat down and did some art.
This time it's a vintage schoolgirl :)
I am still stiff and need to loosen up, so sorry if it is not much.

Anyhow, cheers to you all,


Monday, June 15, 2009

It keeps rolling...

Short post, just some quick, 5-10 minute girly sketches :)

Will talk more next time,

Cheers to all,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

June, it's fucking freezing!

It is funny how, back in the old country, I was able to cope with temperatures well below zero, but here I shake like a leaf at 7 degrees above.
I have a theory about it:
Growing up n the northern hemisphere, my body clock got tuned in a way that it expects low temperatures during northern winter (November-March) and hot days during summer (May-September).
So now, that I live down- under, it refuses to accept that it is the other way around, and since it expects it to be hot at this time of the year, it's making me freeze at ridiculously high 7 degrees Celsius .


Here's bunch of sketches. I do not have much to say about them, but one of them I like more than the rest, feel free to guess which one :)

Cheers to all who still visit,