Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from wherever te fuck I was...

Well here I am.
And it's been a loong time.
I blame lack of posts to chronic fatigue, being burnt out at work, my ability to catch every fucking flu floating around and a vivid family life happening to me lately.
So, there's no huge update, loaded with stuff I did while away from blogland but at least I am back and I hope to be more productive in the future.
Book wise I am screwed. I do not know where to start but I will try to get it worked out. One problem is the fact that Some of the stuff I wanted to print was done using photos as a reference, and I do not know what the copyright issues might arise from printing my sketches based on those.
I will try to find some way to work around it all and I am still digging through fucking hard drives and old unlabeled CDs to see what is there looking half decent and print worthy.
I also talked with Dr Alberto R :), who was ridiculously kind to offer his help. It was the most amazing option I could think of until we realized that we live on different continents and that having him get it done would be financially disastrous and could not work. And I apologize to you, Mr Ruiz, for not replying to your last e-mail, fucking life is moving too fast for me and, unless I reply to my e-mails instantly, I totally forget they ever happened. Hell I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday. I should try to get some help from one of those memory experts, but they do not come cheap.
Which opens another bag of trouble and worry.
I think something is wrong with me.
Today, we went for lunch with some friends. I woke up feeling pretty good and after much yelling and jumping around in a fit of rage, apparently offering much delightful entertainment to my wife and kids in the process, I managed to get the whole family in the car and head off to the restaurant being only 15minutes late in the end. (nowadays, my manly, "alpha male displays of anger" involving roaring on top of my lungs, jumping around and bulging my eyes at the members of the family while ripping my shirt in the process do not yield desired effect- all they do is entertain my family members who do not even try to hide their shit eating grins while I am flipping out)
My older son is getting his driver's license soon as well, so he tries to grab the driver's seat any chance he gets. So another fit of rage later, induced by his lack of ability to listen to my instructions, we finally arrived to the restaurant.
When we met with the friends first thing I was told is how I have massive black rings around my eyes. That freaked me out and I spent the rest of the day trying to determine whether they look any "blacker" than usual.
The answer is- I do not know. I should get it checked I guess.
For a long time now I had those, and all I was told so far that is that I run on adrenalin or something.
I really do not care at this point, but I still get concerned on occasion.
And this is a wrap-up to this post.
I should do more soon.
Here's Some token art now.
Thanks all for visiting once again,

Kind regards,