Monday, March 29, 2010

Introducing: Maxima Bombshell...

From the Mind of Brad Daniels, former colleague and a comic enthusiast who would not quit.

It is one page teaser for the comic series which is probably never to be :)

It will be featured in his comic book thingy called "Groovy Gravy" which will be available for purchase at Supanova comic con here in Brisbane in a few weeks time.

Not much else to report,

Cheers to all,


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hah, I made it - a post in March!

Another speedy one. I am loosing patience faster and faster these days.
This one is based off a model I came across on Deviant Art I will get her name and give her a credit.
Deviant art is awesome, because there are a lot of talented photographers there and you can actually ask them to let you draw from their images.
So I am not sure if I did any justice to the girl, but at least I had fun and smoked about 25 percent less than usual while doing this.
On the kitchen front, the cogs are moving, I finally got the doors on all the cabinets, and, hopefully the rest will be finished in a matter of months!I do not think I ever posted a photo on the blog, but once this is finished, i will have to share it here :)

Cheers to all,

Sorry guys, I could not look at it any longer.
Had to fix and replace.
That's what happens when your reference material gets the better of you, and you end up hating yourself.
I know I can live with this one, so here it is: