Monday, April 19, 2010

This is it.

Hi there.
Big news, I guess is that I have quit my job.
It felt right, so I did it.
Original plan was to do it at the beginning of the year, but I kept on pushing it away and it took this long to happen.
First reason for not doing it sooner is that the project I was working on (which I can mention now since it has been announced) was not finished yet and it is my professional policy never to leave the project until it is done (I do not think people around me care if I do, nor do I think I am irreplaceable, it just sounds cool and professional when I say it like that).
The project was "Legend of the Guardians, Owls of Ga-Hoole" video game, which should follow the similarly named movie coming out in September.
Second reason for not doing it sooner was because I was desperately trying to grow me some balls so I can have enough courage to do it.
But fiddly things those guys are :)
Every often you check and they seem to grow a bit, but as soon as you start thinking about a life changing decision, they shrink to the size of peanuts and run as fast and as far up your abdomen as they can.
However, the day has come where there was nothing else to do but to write my resignation and hand it in.I turned forty and apart from the money that was making my life reasonably comfortable, there was nothing else. I have not been happy with the industry (and where I was in it) for a long time, in Brisbane in particular. When it comes to the big studios here, there's no original IP and even the licensed stuff seems to thin out.
What happened with the games? There's no dragons and aliens, spaceships, monsters, strong characters and epic quests. Cartooney stuff died on its arse as well. It is all about generic, contemporary worlds and generic characters with the shit Z-brushed out of them for the sake of doing it.(Do not get me wrong, I am aware there's still Blizzard and other guys doing cool games I would love to work on, but my chances of getting there are non existent). All that seemed to be left for me is designing some crates and oil barrels with occasional incidental character and a piece of UI thrown in the mix. It is no one's fault, that's what needs to be done and they paid me money to do it.
15 years ago I was designing cool stuff. I did not even know how to hold my pencil right and yet I was entrusted and trained well (thank you Mr Fil Barlow) and I designed away- Godzilla monsters and Starship trooper bugs, aliens and spaceships, and I had all the fun in the world.
And it has been down the drain ever since.
And I got bitter and old really fast.So instead of eating well and feeling miserable every day I decided to try And push myself back into it.
Being an employee is harder as you get older, particularly when you have no aspirations to climb the hierarchy but just want to draw and get better at it.
So, I decided to try and pay my bills with freelance work and use the time in between to work on my own stuff, do whatever- books, posters, t-shirts and see how I go.
My gut is telling me it is going to be a stormy sea, particularly since I have lost all my contacts from years ago. I was so worried about the IP clause in my game company contracts that I steered away from any freelance alltogether loosing touch with my old clients in the process. Another reason I gave up on it is that, by the time I came back from work, I would be so exhausted, I could not stomach doing more work.
Anyhow, long story short- I finish my employment this Friday and that is it.
I have some freelance lined up so I should be fine for the next couple of months, but beyond that I do not know what is going to happen, but fuck it- I am looking forward to finding out.
I did this sketch with my freedom in mind and it was a fun experience, but I know it is over colored and poorly laid out. I am working on a second one and a few more. I have a pile of rough sketches done on a train and some on a restaurant napkins which I intend to clean and touch up in the days to come.
So, I will try to update more often and keep you up to date with my adventures from the world of deadbeats.

Cheers to all,

PPs. added another bit,
A quick sketch about a little boy who likes reading in the dark and a curious monster who likes looking at the pictures in the books.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Well, Happy Easter, everyone!

And what a better way to commemorate Easter than with a vintage spoof of a Robin Hood!
Someone sent an original image around the office, as an official reference for something else we were supposed to do, but I could not stop myself from doing a quick paint.
My kitchen is finally finished too, all I have to do now is re-paint the walls and window frames, and I can finally go back to living my hermit life to the fullest!
Nothing else is new.
I hope everyone visiting has a happy Easter and stuff.

Cheers to all,