Sunday, June 27, 2010

C'mon Officer...

Hah, and I am CPR-ing the blog again :)
This freelance thing is awesome, but my ass is starting to feel the burn. Literally.
I love it so much, I do not know when to stop working.
Also, gigs are coming through, so I am always busy doing paid work and I have very little time to do my own stuff- exactly the opposite of what I thought would happen.
However, soon, it should be calm waters, with "Vessel" being the main focus of my attention.
At the moment, at 3 Blokes Studios (an awesome little start-up establishment which reminds me of the good old days in the industry around here, when people made great games simply because they did not know any better :), we are wrapping a pretty damn fine looking (and playing) facebook game, and the guys are already shifting gears on to the the next one.
So if you like engaging into a bit of casual facebook entertainment check it out, and I will let you know what it is once it goes live :)
On a personal side of things, My wife is hitting the old country in a few weeks and I am already crapping my pants. She will be away for 7 weeks, and I know it is going to be tough without her.
I am trying to put on a brave face and not show her how much she will be missed, while at the same time stocking on the plastic bags and other disposable useful items which me and kids can use as clothes once we run out of the clean ones.
My wife keeps on explaining to me how to use the dishwasher and washing machine, but for some reason, each time she points at the darn things, my brain goes blank, and I go someplace else.
Also, she is trying to pass on simple cooking recepies as if I am going to cook while she is not here. I am good at making sandwiches, and a strong believer that everyone should stick to what they are good at.
In my life, I had a stab at cooking 3 times, and they resulted in: eating half of a melted plastic container together with my french toast without realizing until it was a hospital time, burning half of the kitchen and leaving it in that condition for 3 months in an attempt to fry half the chicken, and last but not least, burning my left hand in an attempt to prevent another kitchen fire by carrying a pot full of burning oil from the kitchen to the balcony (to the point where I still have massive scar all across it and where everyone thinks i have psoriasis because all the pigment got burnt from the skin).
I also already started wearing different socks on each feet to get used to it, and had crisis talks with my kids about best ways to survive the experience. But I wish safe trip and heaps of fun to my wife and I confess here and now that she is a glue holding this family together in a reasonably presentable and socially acceptable level.
I just hope we make it through while she is gone, and not get chased by the neighbors with pitchforks from the village and not end up on one of those current affair shows who make their mint out of showing people like us on TV.
Anyhow, all I had to spare were two hours this evening, and I did one of those really fast and fudgy speedpaints.

Cheers to all,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Announcement :)

Well, it is official.
Strange Loop Games, a guerrilla indie game studio spanning across (at least) three continents, has signed a publishing deal for the "Vessel".
I have been helping John and Martin (together with a bunch of other great guys) for a while now, and have (as of now) taken on the role of visually designing (some, more bra
ve, might even say art directing) the world and the characters for their great adventure :)
Even though my legs are shaking, I am incredibly excited about taking part in this adventure.
I did my first (of hopefully many) blog post over at the strange loop site
, so feel free to stop and have a look.

I will be doing updates about the art progress and process over at their blog in the weeks and months to come, so see you there and may the lady luck be with all of us :)
Cheers to all,