Friday, February 11, 2011

February Frazetta Practice

Just grabbed a random one.
Again, this was a Saturday "morning" practice that took a couple of hours longer.
Over all about 4-5 hours, but it shows.
My sketch lines are still in, and the colors are rough and off.
Much like most else about it.
I like it at the moment, but I will probably hate it by tomorrow.
On another note, I realized I look fucking hideous.
I was shaving in the bathroom yesterday and I caught glimpse of back view of myself in the opposing mirror.
I never thought about people's backs (shoulder to waist) much nor did I ever notice anyone's back looking ugly, but seeing mine was a very depressing experience.
It is long and flabby and it looks like a pile of sandbags on top of each other.
And it's been haunting me ever since.
It is weird that it can take you 40 years to see the back view of yourself and realise it looks horrible. I never thought I was good looking or even ruggedly handsome, but rather believed that "pretty" gene has been avoiding my family for many generations, but I thought I was doing good and getting in shape.
but this throws everything off.
How can someone's back look so bad.
Anyway, it will take a lot of alcohol to wash the image out of my mind.

Well, that's it,here's sketch,

Cheers to all,