Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleep Deprived

I do not have much time these days.
I did a crap ten minute sketch sketch and then looking at the characters in my brain-dead state, thought of a caption that made me giggle.
Why did it make me giggle? Probably because I am so burnt out I am going insane.
Why do I giggle instead of laughing in that deep, manly way? That's because I have no laugh left in me.
I used it all up.
Well I thought I did until the other night when I found some time and had nothing else to watch but "Dinner for Schmucks". It was tedious movie, only reason I've put up with it was because I had nothing else to watch and it had that guy from the flight of the Conchords whom I like, so I watched to see his little gems.
Well that's until the blind Russian swordsman turned off the light.
Something snapped in me and I laughed like crazy, scaring my neighbour's dog, as I was watching the movie at 2 AM..
That part of the movie was fucking funny.
And I used up all the laugh I had left in me.
Since then, I giggle.
Anyhow, As I giggled at my caption, it occurred to me it would be even funnier if they were saying it in French.
Somehow seemed fit for the purpose.
Then, because I do not speak French, I turned to my friend AltaVista Babelfish online translator.
he was kind to me and here's our baby. I do not even know if it makes any sense at all, even on english it sounded kind of stupid.
All in all, not much.


Cheers to all


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Night that shouldn't :)

I was about to go to bed, but I started doodling and could not give up.
Then I scanned doodle in the computer, and started coloring.
And before I knew it, it was 2AM and I realized I am screwed, as I have a very busy day tomorrow.

So I decided to call this finished and to chuck it here.
I also decided a while ago I do not want to do these sketch-paints any more, but it seems I can not stop.

it is hard to make sense of stuff at 2.30 AM.

And when I look at the sketch in the morning, I will most likely regret posting it, because it might look like crap, I just can't see it right now.

Cheers to all,


Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Eh, not much this time.
'Vessel' milestone was intense, a lot needed to be done.
And we did it :)
So today, I was taking it easy, looking at the next bunch of work for this month, taking notes and doing sketches so I squeezed an unrelated doodle or 2 in the mix.
I also decided to clean my desk, as I had trouble finding my Wacom pen, my mouse and keyboard and went through piles of scribbles I did while thinking about something else.
I would not even call those decent sketches, as they were done while talking on the phone or thinking about other crap.
I scanned some of them as I had nothing else to share, and I also started working on my next "big" puzzle piece, this one would be Fantasy themed and I am throwing a couple of preliminary sketches for that one in the mix.
I was too busy working on the milestone, so nothing silly happened in a while, and I have no time for rants even though everything is pissing me off.
Ah yes, one thig did happen.I started doing Hapkido.
I did one class, annoyed everyone and lost orientation while trying to do a forward roll, something I did not do since my childhood.
I just hope it does not end up like my dance lessons back in the time of my youth, when I failed so horribly that, after my second class, my dance instructor begged me to take refund and never show up again.My first Hapkido class was very useful as I now know five ways to free my hand should anyone grab my wrist ( on condition that they are very patient and work with me while I am attempting the move), and also, should anyone attempt to head butt me, I know how to stop them* but once again only if they are very patient and wait for me to find that special place on their neck where I am supposed to jab my finger.
Anyhow, that is it for this time, I hope at least someone enjoys my scratches,
Cheers to all,