Sunday, February 19, 2012

First pinup for 2012

A week and a bit before Vessel ships.
It is firefighting time, but today, there weren't that many fires to fight.
So I was playing with a little pinup painting.
When I started posting again, I made a resolution that I will stop working on a piece the moment It starts feeling tedious.
This is how far this one got.
I still put a good couple of hours into it but then it god fiddly, I started stressing, so I stopped and called it done.
It is wonky and wobbly, and in general I refuse to use airbrush. Generic brush I use tends not to blend tones too well, so it looks the way it looks.
Also, the contrast on my cintiq is totally different than any other PC screen, so it is a bit more pale and desaturated.

until the next time,




Mike Crichlow said...

Awesome! Love your stuff, mate. :)

Adam Street said...

God bless the Milenko pinup!


Slick pose there. Great stuff as always... awesome lighting...


coupetete said...

Outstanding as usual.

GeeBee said...

Incredible !

Sebastien Dieu said...

I love coming here, thank you Milenko