Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too much time on my hands

I am a little bit lost these days, trying to have some rest from craploads of work but at the same time freaking out because I am not used to being idle.
Well, last night, there was a Family guy marathon, and I wanted to try my hand at drawing those characters.
Much like with everything else I tried to interpret the style loosely (quickly becoming a poor excuse for not staying on model) and to add a little gag or 2.
Or 3 :)
And this is the outcome.
Not too great, but at least something to put here and keep the blog alive :)

Cheers to all,


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Lois clearly drugged by those filthy minded pervs, Quagmire and Brian and fucked in all her three holes (the tub of Vaseline a dead giveaway !) The flat screen TV showing Peter on wall showing they had filmed their gang-bang rape of drugged Lois (hotter and hotter)
Wow. I'm breathless.
Ive been lusting after Lois (and Meg to be fair, but more Lois) for years.
Now....if only you could do some bondage of Lois and Meg too....oh, and that other icon of femininity, Francine Smith (American Dad) some of her in bondage and getting humped by her son and/or his 3 school-friends would be ultra-cool....sorry. Getting carried away with your magnificently erotic pic of Lois.
More - MUCH MUCH more, please.