Monday, April 30, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Legend Of Ishe, the Labyrinth Queen

It seems that I am more serious about doing this one than I thought initially, as I did more sketches while managing to fight off my ADD for longer than usual.
I actually did a whole lot more, but I still have to make them at least as presentable as this bunch.
Some of these sketches are uglier and wonkier than others, but I do not give a fuck.
This is the only thing keeping depression at bay.
These are some fucked up times for Milenko :)
Hah, I did just get cheered up a bit by the fucking spell checker.
It told me that I have spelled my name wrong and suggested I spell it "Milkman"
Fuck you spell checker, I will not be Milkman again.


Cheers to all

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Another idea I had, was for this erotic picture book, with story set in the 50s and featuring adventures of a gullible little house wife and her elderly neighbor, Mr Kockk :)
I jave been doing little bits and pieces for this for years, I never felt ready to actually do the whole thing.
This is just a quick sketch, to test the waters and see if I finally have enough skill to do the story a justice.
I an a huge fan of works from Bill Ward, Blas Gallego (particularly Dolly), Wallace wood and a french cartoonist Lassalvy. And even though this work is not meant to imitate any of those guys, I want to, at least attempt, to emulate the same atmosphere.
Eh, this is too much text for just one petty image, so
Cheers to all,