Sunday, February 03, 2013


I'd spent last week shaken by some weird fever that probably came from the floods that happened at about the same time.
I am still a bit shaky but at least I can work a little bit better.
between the shakes and dizzy moments, I tried to do some sketches.
 They are not the best, but I am sharing them as I have nothing better this time.
On another note, today I was shown a game called "Waking Mars" and looking at it made me really happy.
It visually reminded me of our game"Vessel" and for some reason that cheered me up. Brought back really nice memories of those days.
Eh, good old days.
And then, on the next note, finally Rossi and I got moving again on Mr Fiquette and our current estimation is that we could be wrapping it up by the end of February, and putting it in the app store shortly after.
I have the prototype game running on my i-pad and I really like how it looks and plays, so hopefully there will be a bunch of other people who think the same once it is released to the world.
And that is all for this time.
Following are half baked sketches I managed to do in the last couple of days. Chubby painting took about an hour, past which point I crashed and by the time I got a bit better I decided I lost any interest in trying to fix and polish so here it is as finished as it will ever be.
other sketch took about half an hour to bring to the form I am presenting here, and I spent another hour to try and take it somewhere else, but at the end, I decided that this is the stage at which it looks the best and again, lost any interest to work on it any more.

Cheers to all,



Janus said...

Very amazing work, very well composted and designed

lach said...

Bus lady is awesome