Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Today's Break

Off to a break and a little sketching session.
After I noodle Myself up, I will see what (if anything) I can come up with before I sink back into proper work :)



Ok, Food has been consumed and the sketching has been commenced.
Here is the first rough Really quick, and I have no fucking clue what i was thinking when I started:

Ok here's second one, time for one more :)

And here is the final one, something for the guys :)
I will try to do something like this more often, it lets the steam out beautifully.
And now back to work.
Ah talking about work, (and this is the long shot) does anyone here know, or is, a good graphic/ web designer, living in Brisbane (I can only show stuff in person) and willing to offer some opinion or advice.
I am at my wits end and struggling with something and all the people I know seem to have fled the city.
I just need some guidance, although, since I am broke, I can't offer any payment, but I am willing to trade some mediocre skills and time for a good advice and help.
Anyhow, cheers again,


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