Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Veronique sketches

yeah, last night was fun.
These are probably NSFW again, but then this blog for sure comes with the warning, so you know what you are getting yourself into if you decide to stop by.
Every now and then the urge to draw nudie ladies takes over, and I just have to go ahead and do it.
Veronique seems to be my favorite pet at the moment and drawing her is always a lot of fun, regardless of the results which are usually mixed bag.
Tonight I am working on something else, an old comic book character that captivated me back in the day.
I loved reading his adventures and I touched up on him once before, did really quick and lame sketch, but never spent any decent time to do a proper take.
I am not sure how it will turn out, and it will probably be pretty rough, but the  chicken scratches so far look inspiring enough for me to try and do one more pass on them.
I hope it works out. And I am really rusty at this and my brain is screaming for me to give up, but my brain is an idiot anyhow, so fuck 'im.
Anyhow, here's Veronique in her latest installment, struggling to do the job and maintain decency in  her too small maid outfit:

PS, once again, to see the sketch at good resolution, right clink on the image and go- open in new tab :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's crop

I am really getting into it :)
Tonight, instead of watching TV I started doodling, and then could not stop.
I did not do a random page of sketches in ages, and I really enjoyed it this time.
Some sketches are random and some of them are lame, quick takes on other people's artwork I have seen recently.
It felt really good, not so much for the result, but just the fun of the process.
I started really stiff and reserved but as I kept on doing it, memories of the good old days came pouring back, and now I have to force myself to go to bed.
So here it is, and I hope I will have some time in next few days to repeat the fun.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When I fail...

I fail hard.
I had this sketch in my Photoshop for a couple of days. It started as something completely different and then, in the attempt to make a shit pie I turned it into this.
And it doesn't work on so many levels.
Biggest flaw being it does not look like anything I wanted to get in the end.
And I bow my head in shame.
To my defense, I have been a bit wobbly again in the last couple of days and do have one of those artist blocks.
So, I hope it goes away And I can do a little bit better.



Monday, February 11, 2013

Quickly sketched thought

Just one of those "What if" thoughts :)

And since one sketch is never enough, here is another quick take on Magnus' masterpiece :)
My take on Necron, from memory, with no reference, and slowly dragging it towards my parody of it.
If I get the time, I would love to keep playing with it, and see where it goes.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Today's Break

Off to a break and a little sketching session.
After I noodle Myself up, I will see what (if anything) I can come up with before I sink back into proper work :)



Ok, Food has been consumed and the sketching has been commenced.
Here is the first rough Really quick, and I have no fucking clue what i was thinking when I started:

Ok here's second one, time for one more :)

And here is the final one, something for the guys :)
I will try to do something like this more often, it lets the steam out beautifully.
And now back to work.
Ah talking about work, (and this is the long shot) does anyone here know, or is, a good graphic/ web designer, living in Brisbane (I can only show stuff in person) and willing to offer some opinion or advice.
I am at my wits end and struggling with something and all the people I know seem to have fled the city.
I just need some guidance, although, since I am broke, I can't offer any payment, but I am willing to trade some mediocre skills and time for a good advice and help.
Anyhow, cheers again,


Monday, February 04, 2013

One trick pony.

I took a stroll through my stuff last night, and realized it is slowly becoming a really bland experience, even to me.
Sure I like drawing girls, but after looking at stuff so far, they are not that great.
Or at least not as great as I would like them to be.
(ah btw, when I say stuff like this, I am not fishing for sympathy or reassurance I am just ranting at myself for not getting where I want to be, hoping it will push me to get there)
Also, I really enjoy drawing other stuff, inventing characters and little stories that go with them.
Somehow, I do not do that any more.
Well, I do, I doodle that stuff on little pieces of paper all over my desk, but never deem them worthy of scanning or sharing at all.
Also, trying to work simultaneously on 3 pretty full on projects leaves me no time to take anything to a decent level, so I just give up and when I am finally finished with my working day, I get kind of tired and bored of the pencil or cintiq or whatever so I just want to slouch down and catch a few episodes of my favorite shows before I go to bed.
Today, I took a little break before lunch and scribbled some faces directly in PS so I do not have to scan anything in.
And will try to do that every once in a while.
And will chuck them here no matter what.
And will try to do that every day and see how I go.

So here they are.


Sunday, February 03, 2013


I'd spent last week shaken by some weird fever that probably came from the floods that happened at about the same time.
I am still a bit shaky but at least I can work a little bit better.
between the shakes and dizzy moments, I tried to do some sketches.
 They are not the best, but I am sharing them as I have nothing better this time.
On another note, today I was shown a game called "Waking Mars" and looking at it made me really happy.
It visually reminded me of our game"Vessel" and for some reason that cheered me up. Brought back really nice memories of those days.
Eh, good old days.
And then, on the next note, finally Rossi and I got moving again on Mr Fiquette and our current estimation is that we could be wrapping it up by the end of February, and putting it in the app store shortly after.
I have the prototype game running on my i-pad and I really like how it looks and plays, so hopefully there will be a bunch of other people who think the same once it is released to the world.
And that is all for this time.
Following are half baked sketches I managed to do in the last couple of days. Chubby painting took about an hour, past which point I crashed and by the time I got a bit better I decided I lost any interest in trying to fix and polish so here it is as finished as it will ever be.
other sketch took about half an hour to bring to the form I am presenting here, and I spent another hour to try and take it somewhere else, but at the end, I decided that this is the stage at which it looks the best and again, lost any interest to work on it any more.

Cheers to all,